About the Band

made 4 christ

M.A.D.E. 4 Christ

M.A.D.E. 4 Christ is a Christian Hip-hop group and youth ministry that utilizes music as the driving force to take the Gospel to the streets. The music arm of M.A.D.E. 4 Christ, which stands for Made And Definitely Equipped for Christ, was formed in 2010 and is the y-product of what was once a secular exploration into the music industry. It is the actualization of a dream imparted by the Holy Spirit, to it's founder and CEO Chozen, a former gang leader from the southside of Atlanta, Ga.. Following the birth of the dream of M.A.D.E. 4 Christ, it began to flourish and grow, both numerically and in it's reach. M.A.D.E. began offering a variety of outreach, youth fellowship, and ministry opportunities, that afforded members a chance to utilize their knowledge and develop gifts and leadership skills.

   Through M.A.D.E. Music, not only are young people introduced to the wonders of Jesus, but are also spurred to explore and develop their own talents in the arts. They are mentored and educated on the "ins and outs" of the music industry, and taught all aspects of the including recording, performing, marketing, and business. In 2013 M.A.D.E. Music expanded to welcome permanent members Mrs. JJ, J-Smooth, Big Chris, Lil G, and Small Fry, each of whom bring their own unique style flair and testimony to the group. Combined, they create dynamic urban, street-driven sounds, inspirational lyrics and provide high energy performances, that prove there is more to serving Jesus than warming a pew in a church. We are also always looking to work with youth interested in our services and are always creating new initiatives and fresh campaigns as a means to get involved and impact our communities. M.A.D.E. 4 Christ isn't afraid to go All the Way In for Christ and take the Gospel to the streets.